February 23, 2010

Ingush Genocide. 66 years from the day of 'Deportation'

On 23 February 1944 the entire Ingush and Chechen nations were deported to Siberia and Kazakhstan. 134,178 Ingush nationals were deported in 1944 and only 85,000 were reported per the Soviet census of 1954. It was estimated that from half to two-thirds of the population died during the exile. The entire history of the Ingush nation was erased, the castles and the towers were blown into pieces, the libraries were burned, and the borders were erased from the maps. Ingush territory was divided between Russia and the North Ossetia. Part of the Ingush territory, the Prigorodni District, still remains part of the North Ossetia.


February 14, 2010

Scores of Ingush and Chechen civilians killed by Russian artillery and gunships.

Russian news agencies MK, Ingushetia.org report that scores of Ingush and Chechen civilians were killed in artillery bombardments followed by gunships strikes in Ingushetia. The civilians were gathering wild leeks in the mountains when they were killed by Russian Army's strikes. Wild leek is the traditional food in Ingushetia and Chechnya. It is the only source of income for many impoverished families in that region. Ingushetia.org claims that Yunus-Beck Evkurov the pro-Russian head of Ingushetia, 'apologized' for the massacre and promised 100,000 rubles in compensation (approximately $3,300).